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“University Admissions & Training Provider”

Marketing and Strategic Management

Marketing and Strategic Management is an integrated international study tour programme. The tour takes participants to an agreed location where they are exposed to the artefacts and codes of their chosen industry. They will investigate the features of the industry in the field, whilst taking part in lectures and workshops to consolidate and apply the theory of management that relates to their industry. These activities take place over five full...

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Developing Leadership Skills

The Developing Leadership Skills programme aims to improve the understanding of leaders and senior managers about how human behaviour affects the functioning of an organisation. The programme will explore personal leadership style and address ways of dealing with processes that fall outside recommended models. An essential element of understanding for any leader is the difference between managing and leading. This course on Developing Leadership...

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Enhance your knowledge and skills

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) services offer a series of accredited, professional qualifications designed to enhance your knowledge and skills. Read more: Professional Courses | Our Trainers  

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