Let us guide you to the University of your choice and the courses that will help you shape your future.

Over a period of years, Alpha-i has developed itself from a student recruitment centre for overseas universities/institutes to a diverse and multi-purpose organisation specialising in the provision of consultancy services.

Students seeking to study overseas or in an English speaking environment are able to find ample information from us on the various means and mechanisms for gaining admission to institutions in a range of countries, principally in the United Kingdom. This will also be useful for individuals in employment who wish to enhance their knowledge and career and development through further education and have access to a different environment other than the UK.

Our branch offices ensure that access to our services is almost at your doorstep. Our staff is specialised within their regions of operation, endowing us with experience and knowledge native to the location. As a result, we are able to better understand and cater to the needs and requirements of individuals, leading to personal, productive interactions.

Individuals in employment and students seeking to improve their English language and other learning skills will benefit from our associated study and resource centres.

Educational organisations interested in setting up joint ventures or distance learning courses will benefit from our consultancy division. We will be able to guide them through a quality assurance exercise to attain international standards.

We have expertise in validating UK University courses for the private sector Institutions both in the UK and overseas countries.

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